Iain is a founder and principal at the design firm SPURSE, and the Co-Director of the MIX Lab at the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship at Montclair State University (MIX is Making and Innovating for X). He is a cross disciplinary designer, systems thinker, artist, and writer working at the intersection of paradigmatic creativity, ecology, emergent systems, design for change, and process philosophy. This has led him to many experimental forms of making: everything from tools, to food, cosmologies, apps, clothing, architecture, educational programs and landscape design. At the heart of his work is helping groups apply novel practices of creativity to transform seemingly intractable problems into problems worth having. He has spent the last two decades developing and teaching unique transformative models of creative processes.

Central to these boundary blurring practices is his work within the design consultancy SPURSE who has been at the forefront of ecological research, experimental design, and innovation leadership for the last fifteen years. While developing ground breaking ways to probe, catalyze, disrupt and re-imagine systems both large and small they have collaborated with communities, organizations, and individuals from the high arctic to the inner cities in Bolivia (via projects ranging from restaurants, to wetlands, to wayfinding apps, to urban renewal programs, to micro-biology laboratories and white papers) to effect real change.

In addition to working with SPURSE and co-directing the MIXLab at the Feliciano Center, Iain works internationally as a consultant and lecturer/workshop leader on creativity, innovation and design (including MIT, Harvard University, Columbia University, Parsons, Yale, CCA, and RISDI).

His work, and that of SPURSE, has been exhibited internationally (The Guggenheim, Whitney Museum of Art, Grand Arts, CAFK+A, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Mass MoCA) and published in a number of books and journals including: The Interventionists, The Object of Labor, Experimental Geography, The International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Surface, ID, NY Times, Elle, Teme Celeste, Art Papers, Monitor, Interior Design, and Art Journal.